Terms and Conditions

1- Sessions can be purchased as tokens and scheduled as your time permits and as available on our schedule.

2- There are absolutely NO REFUNDS, but if we experience a hardware failure and cannot get you back to operational within a short amount of time or we have a problem with our local Internet link you will be rescheduled for another day at no charge. We cannot be held responsible for Internet problems

3- Sessions on credit expire 180 days after date of purchase.

4- Consecutive sessions on the same rack will be treated as separate sessions.  (i.e. two sessions back to back will be treated as two sessions).

5- When scheduling a session, DO NOT schedule a session within 12 hours of the session start time.

6- If you need to reschedule, we require 3 days notice. As little as 1 day notice can be given for emergency situations. It will be up to our discretion. Less than 1 day notice will not be considered

Forms of Payment:

1- All credit cards through Paypal.
Paypal account is NOT REQUIRED – Additional Information will be required for unverified payments

2- Western Union

3 – Bank Transfer