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CCIE EI v1.0

CCIE Security v6.0

CCIE Data Center v3.0

CCIE Collaboration v3.0

CCIE Service Provider v5.0

CCIE ENT Wireless v1.0

CCIE Real Lab Equipment


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    Personalized access policies

    Define access policy to each dedicated rack to permit access only to individuals of your choice and determine appropriate administration and monitoring of equipment.

    High availability level 24/7

    Data center server rooms with available and ready-for-work racks to deploy servers and other equipment in the most suitable and appropriate conditions, delivering data availability 24/7.

    Extra security systems

    The security level of racks can be increased with GSM ON/OFF service, rack locks, video cameras and other security systems.

    Efficient cooling equipment and climate control in server rooms

    Server cabinet has a closed-type design that makes cooling system inside the server cabinet more efficient. Uninterrupted power supply and guaranteed channels provide equipment operation with no downtime.

    Choose the Track

    Select track or technology for which you wish to access racks and practice, currently we are supporting Data Center Racks, Others will be available soon.

    Select Rack Rental Slots

    Choose which time or slot you wish to book, we advise everyone to check his or her timezone before selecting the slots. By default, slot times are in IST.

    Book & Pay