CCIE Vmware Vcix Pricing

CCIE Rack Rentals offers rack rentals that support all of our self-paced and instructor-led CCIE product lines, including Enterprise Infrastructure, Data Center, Collaboration, Security, Service Provider, and wireless. In addition to 24-hour hardware support, CCIE rack rentals come with simplified scheduling and advanced management control and utilize the same hardware and software used in the actual CCIE lab exams.

How many credits do I need for CCIE Vmware Vcix Rack Rental

All rack credits you purchase are placed into your account, and you then draw from those credits to rent time as needed. The exact number of credits needed will vary depending on your individual training goals, current experience level, and the type of rack you are renting. In general, our instructors advise planning for about 350 – 450 hours of total rack practice time for a CCIE certification; about 200 – 300 hours for a CCNP certification; and about 100 – 150 hours for a CCNA certification.

CCIE Data Center Rack Rental
The costs of our rack rentals are listed below,
  • CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure – 30 Credits/4 Hour Session
  • CCIE Service Provider – 20 Credits/4 Hour Session
  • CCIE Collaboration – 30 Credits/4 Hour Session
  • CCIE Security – 30 Credits/4 Hour Session
  • CCIE Data Center – 75 Credits/4 Hour Session
  • CCIE Wireless – 30 Credits/4 Hour Session

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100 credits
0% Discount
Valid for 12 months


250 credits
10% Discount
Valid for 12 months


500 credits
15% Discount
Valid for 12 months


1000 credits
20% Discount
Valid for 12 months